AR Patterns

Event-driven Design Patterns in Creating Augmented Reality Experiences

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What are AR Patterns?

AR patterns encompass high-level design patterns covering fundamental concepts for crafting immersive AR experiences. AR patterns serve as a valuable means of communicating proven, reusable solutions to recurring design problems encountered during AR development. A list of AR patterns is collected in a public catalog, including technical as well as User Experience (UX) aspects. AR pattern diagrams foster a consistent presentation and technology-agnostic documentation of AR design patterns. The AR patterns in the catalog are illustrated by text descriptions, visuals of spatial scenarios, pattern diagrams and UI examples. Additionally AR patterns may be examplified by platform-specific source code samples.

How to Contribute?

How to Contribute?

The AR patterns catalog is managed as a GitHub repository. Feel free to join the community at to contribute to the topic of AR patterns.

How to Start

How to Start


View catalog of AR Patterns and join the community on GitHub


Read preprint of AR Patterns paper presented at EuroXR 2023


See how AR Pattern diagrams are used and created using MarkDown


Find templates for illustrating spatial scenario of AR patterns

Cite Paper

Ackermann, P. (2023). AR Patterns: Event-Driven Design Patterns in Creating Augmented Reality Experiences. In: Zachmann, G., et al. Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. EuroXR 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14410. Springer, Cham.

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